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Neuroanatomy Class

The school of Brain Science

Tel Aviv University

A self-guided short experience that allows students to explore the anatomy of the brain. Students can rotate a 3D model of the brain, point areas to get information about them, and expose/hide regions by their functionality.

Brain Regions.jpg

Origins of Fear

Ramot Lab, Weizmann Institute.

A collection of 7 mini-experiences, each introduces a different fearful element (height, insects, claustrophobia, and more), presented one after the other and controlled by a dedicated PC Operator-UI.

Researches aim to expand our undestanding of fear by measure participants reactions and behaviors before, during and after each mini experience.

calming scene.png
Screenshot 2023-01-23 111237.png

Navigating a 400sqm Maze

Client: The Bat Lab,

Tel Aviv University.

Participants walk a 400 square meters maze to find cherries. To limit participant's ability to rely on semantic aids, the maze is filled with abstract objects one cannot name, with only a few having a context-less title on them.

Position tracking is pushed to its limit, operating this experiment in a big open area that allows real-world movement. Researches analyze participant's movement and gaze to understand how they navigate.

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