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Neuroanatomy Class

The school of Brain Science

Tel Aviv University

A self-guided short experience that allows students to explore the anatomy of the brain.


Students can rotate a 3D model of the brain, point areas to get information about them, and expose/hide regions by their functionality.

Brain Regions.jpg

17th Century Printing

Sourasky Library,

Tel Aviv University.

A recreation of the printing process when invented in the 17th-century, allowing students and researchers to experience history hands-on.


This educational tool is designed to be historically accurate yet simple for VR beginners, giving students and researchers a new way to understand the past through direct interaction.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 1s53403.jpg
Screenshot 2024-03-19 1s534032.jpg

Origins of Fear

Ramot Lab, Weizmann Institute.

A collection of 7 mini-experiences, each introduces a different fearful element (height, insects, claustrophobia, and more), presented one after the other and controlled by a dedicated PC Operator-UI.

Researches aim to expand our understanding of fear by measuring participants reactions and behaviors before, during and after each mini experience.

calming scene.png
Screenshot 2023-01-23 111237.png

Class Management Simulator


Tel Aviv University.

An experimental class management simulator for teachers to practice crowd control skills. Virtual students in the simulator are controlled by a fellow teacher, mimicking real-life behaviours, including talking with friends, listening, and responding to the teacher's gaze and voice.

The tool tracks the way teachers spread their attention across the class, and deal with unexpected students behaviour.


Hugo's World

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

HUGO is a unique PC mouse that conveys a variation of haptic feedback to the user's hand and finger. We were asked by its creators to create an experience that shows its unique capabilities.


We designed an experience highlighting its haptic features, such as texture, shape, and incline changes. The experience is structured to introduce these capabilities gradually, providing an intuitive way to understand the mouse's unique aspects. 

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